Thursday, 22 March 2018

Look at my heart

Never leave your loved ones.

I'm blessed

Love is....

With open heart

Beautiful world of bird

..A diving little bird
Looking too calm
No fluttering of feathers
No exhilaration of tongue.
After working
Numbing hours
Within single sitting
At my work place
I would love to watch
Beautiful Pelican
Swims across the river
Divides water
Into two waves
With its wonderful beak
Which can hold
Ample food for a week
More than its belly.

Dr. Ashutosh

Picture: +Saroja BS Ma'am

Monday, 19 March 2018

But I'm still...

Image credit: Social app

My dear ones say
About me,
"He looked charming,
Dashing, lovely but
Hard to understand.
His physique was attractive
As well softness of voice.
He wore a satisfactory smile
On his face.
Humbleness was his jewel,
Good to others,
Having a sweet harmony
To all...."
I'm in a confuse 
State of mind,
Have I lost my qualities
The expectations are on peak?
I want to live simple,
The years I passed
That was moments,
 I can't repeat it
Now you may see
The marks of ages
On my face.
Every day is a 
Journey of hurdles.
Forgot to gather joy
Except accumulate experience
Of running moments.
But I'm still
A young boy 
Of my own wish
To contemplate 
Good will, love and blessings
From all
To convert it
The harmony of my nature
As a suppressed desire.

Dr. Ashutosh

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My treasure..

What a beautiful sight
It is!
My soul is pouring
With ecstasy
I want to share
This joy
With wholeheartedly,
My enthusiasm blooms
With the flower
My treasure is
To gather it.
Golden touch of water
Is increasing
The desire
To get
The silvery touch of flower.
An aroma of peace
Scatters to make me glad.

Dr. Ashutosh

Image: +Duane Phillips 

Friday, 9 March 2018

Never think for wings

#IMAGE CREDIT @Lucio Wanderley Wand.

...white, round, fluffy cloud
On my roof top
Covered blue sky.
My eyes are gazing it.
I wish
To be a bird
And sit
On floating cloud
To catch
Imaginary view.
My selfish wish
Forgets the limitation
Of a bird.
Oh God!
Why I ponder
Beyond the limits
Why a human being
Always imagines 
More destined
More powerful
Even though
Knowing his strength.

Dr. Ashutosh

Saturday, 3 March 2018

To make everything Alright

Pic: My mentor +Saroja BS mam

Waiting for a
Destiny soul mate
To join my company
Who will cherish me
My queen
My beloved
Where are you
Look at this
Lonely chair
Come and sit with me
For hours
To make everything

Dr. Ashutosh

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Strongest inner soul

Pic credit +Marilyn Ward

I wear smile
Every time 
Even though 
Pain is acidifying me,
The deep running water
Of the ocean
The fragrant flowers
Of the garden
Educate me
To flow
In spite of hurdles,
To bloom
In spite of thorns,
Spreading outer shell
Strongest inner soul.

Dr. Ashutosh

Monday, 29 January 2018

Are you conscious about only looks?

I had never been conscious
How I look
But I think too much
Before I do something.
I can change 
My outfits so many times
But how would I convert 
The result of bad deeds
Into good?
I assume myself
Submission of failure,
Permission of allure
To make every next step strong.

Picture Credit: Google

Dr. Ashutosh