Sunday, 10 December 2017

Endless desire

A deep silence in morning
With snowy ball everywhere
Never allows to go out
But the heavy wind 
Is alluring for a snap chat 
Because ice is hugging
The bottom
And covering the top.
The mood is jolly
Like phenomenal touch,
Endless desire sliding down
To catch the glory and joy.

Image Courtesy +Brigitte Giunta 

Written be © Dr. Ashutosh

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Unimpeachable desire

The girl is seeking 
Her astrological sign
For good luck.
Love and money are
Still so far;
Nothing is here 
To save from sufferings,
Ups and downs, 
No sweet valley 
Of dream to her,
Monotony is looking 
Her true companion
To compensate the
Happy sign of her hate.
Her unimpeachable desire
Is provoking
To meet the destiny.

Image Courtesy- @Joanna
Dr. Ashutosh

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Horizon of expansion

Image Source @Malay Mondal

My thoughts have no legs,
No wheels or wings
But flying in imagination,
My world is not an ordinary
Which could be polished.
It is special, attention seeker.
It's a horse in vision
Representing my objects
To spread my thoughts
To polish my world.
I have to cross
Over the limitations
Where the distance and height
Overlap each other
To make horizon of expansion.

Dr. Ashutosh

Monday, 20 November 2017

Thanks to Almighty

Pic Credit: Google

I want to create
An aura of my poetic soul
And pay thanks to almighty
That my words are tingling
Like a sensation.
The words never allow to sit
In the corridor of
Juvenile thoughts.
Its provoke to be mature,
To make scream awakening,
To break all the barriers.
Its tell us
How to bridge the gap
Between love to love.
Love, that seeks attention,
Love, that has enormous bonds.
I confined myself 
To create the aura of words.
Though I know that
I'm not an angel
Not a messenger of God
To spread the holy thinking.

Dr. Ashutosh

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

She is my lord

Pic Courtesy: +Lawyer Jagdish B. Joshi 

Holding the hand
I'm leading the way
My every steps are 
Her blessings only.
I have no worry inside me
But a belief 
To make myself genuine
With her stance
What she looks
Perfect in me.
I'm her creation
She is my observer too
I'd love to destruct evil
To turn into good
She is the best in me
I'm her son
But she is my lord.

Dr. Ashutosh

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Christmas in my view

When X-mas tree shed 
The blessings of
Fortune, love, wealth
Along with health
I keep my pray on
To save the mankind
being a healer.
I follow the teaching 
To spread smile
On needy faces.
I want to nail
The thoughts of goodwill
On the wall of horizons
To pay the gratitude
To almighty
For my meaningful journey
Why I sent here.
Christmas is not only a festival
But a way to purify
Our inner soul.

@Dr. Ashutosh
14 Nov. 2017

Having mother's heart.

I'm painful
But it's not for mine
Feeling sorrow 
For my young ones
Who are still
Waiting for me.

I'm flapping my wings
But in vain
Unable to go there 
To feed them
Only ruffling my feather.

But still 
I'm satisfied
That I didn't hover over
The young ones
To dives out of the nest
To lodge on a high crag.
They are four weeks old
And can flutter out
From their nest
Urged along by my call.

Dr. Ashutosh

Sunday, 12 November 2017

The eight pieces of Two stale chapatis

Pic Credit: Google

The boy
Sitting on 
A red-green 
Painted pavement
Of a roadside
Looking his plate
Which is garnished
By two stale chapatis
Few pinches salt.
He poured some water
On salt
And left some in vessel
To swallow
The eight pieces of
Two stale chapatis.

Dr. Ashutosh